Customer Process Management

Illustrative Projects

  • Top 10 Global Bank:
    As a derivative of client management/client onboarding expertise conducted Anti-Money Laundering enhanced compliance due diligence over the North America wholesale client services portfolio (one of the highest risk categories for money laundering).  Effort was in preparation for rigorous regulatory inspection planned due to money laundering issues the bank had that resulted in US regulators imposed a “cease and desist” order restricting all acquisition activity and putting under review the bank’s ability to continue operating in the US.  After significant effort, over a total of 18 months, successfully passed Federal Reserve Board inspections in SEP 2006 leading to the eventual lifting of sanctions.

  • US Bank’s $22 Billion Commercial Line of Business:
    Conducted reengineering opportunity assessment across the Customer Lifecycle to generate momentum on several high-potential elements of the Bank's strategic agenda by quantifying the benefits of selected opportunities and identifying implementation requirements. The project focused on four high-priority opportunities: Segment Management (i.e., selling and marketing), Credit Products and Loan Operations Reengineering, Customer Service Optimization (call centers), and Treasury Management Optimization.

  • 2.4 million member Health Maintenance Organization:
    Assisted in the implementation of a cutting edge process in prevention medicine. Developed process and satisfaction tracking mechanisms which were used to monitor two pilot programs. Data derived from these tracking mechanisms was used to improve process efficiency and to provide a better understanding of the process enabling roll-out to the remaining member population within 1-2 years.

  • Global Fortune 200 Chemical & Pharmaceutical Manufacturer:
    Conducted supply chain reengineering of a Global 200 chemical and pharmaceutical company. Implemented Sales & Operations Planning to improve the flow, accuracy, and speed of operational decision making. Specific processes reviewed included procurement, order management, production planning, demand forecasting, and working capital management. Assisted in the development of production planning and inventory control databases.