Our Thinking

HCG is interested in sharing perspectives - both ours and those of others.  Below are links to thought pieces and presentations relevant to Customer Management, Customer Experience, and Customer Engagement that are educational, insightful, and/or simply thought provoking.

Thought Pieces Commentary
Haley Consulting Group Information Placemat
A short primer on the Haley Consulting Group including a summary of core customer management methodologies and related credentials.

Customer Data Integration: Building the Foundation to Profitable Growth
A presentation on the value of Customer Data Integration, how to sell it internally, and how to think about implementation. Best viewed in slide-show format;  view script in notes pages.

Enhancing eBusiness in the High Net Worth Client
A primer on best practices in eBusiness in general and with specific consideration to the High Net Worth client segment.  Two examples of potentially differentiating products are profiled as well.

Strategy Development Framework
A guide for thinking about the process of business strategy development.  Particularly useful in the context of new business/venture creation.  The methodology has successfully been used multiple times to include in the creation of joint ventures with companies like JPMChase that have become publicly traded companies.