Product Management

Illustrative Projects

  • Diversified Financial Services Company:
    Team lead overseeing channel management and supporting product (service) lifecycle management across consumer lending products (credit card, personal loans, etc) including strategy, marketing, and development. Supported the marketing function including acquisition, customer experience, branding, and communication activities.

  • $25B Consumer Lending Portfolio of Top 5 US Bank:
    Led new product development of a service for marketing auto loans and leases in an automated fashion to the Finance & Insurance Office of the auto dealer community supporting indirect sales to consumers.

  • $25B Consumer Lending Portfolio of Top 5 US Bank:
    Led product development of an online loan/lease analysis tool for the B2B and B2C auto finance community.

  • Captive Bank of a Major Domestic Automobile Manufacturer:
    Developed the product growth strategy for an insurance product sold through intermediaries to end consumers.

  • Major Domestic Automobile Manufacturer Captive Bank:
    Developed the sales force compensation strategy designed to support a new product growth strategy (assisted in development).

  • National Trade Organization:
    For a nationally recognized brand, developed the brand strategy for the main revenue generating product line targeting the organization’s business customers. Coordinated the brand strategy with the product development and communication functions.

  • Top 3 US Telecom:
    Engaged by marketing to develop a 3-5 year channel strategy providing direction for capability (product/service) development, segment development and targeting including marketing, branding, and communication.