Awards/Work Recognized by Third Parties:

  • Forrester Research’s review of the work at one client, in a competitive review of seventeen Interactive Consultancies, resulted in a top three industry ranking for Razorfish 
  • Keynote Customer Experience Rankings ranked a client #1 for online customer experience
  • One client frequently cited as a best practice user of personas by Forrester Research
  • Media Metrics declared client among the top 100 most traveled sites on the Web 
  • Forrester Research ranked client “best” among credit card companies for presentation of brand via image and action
  • Forrester Research ranked client as top 3 among select major brands online across industries 
  • Forrester Research ranked client site among the top three in brand presentation in “How Brands Succeed Online”

Illustrative Projects

  • Large Diversified Financial Services Company:
    Conducted ongoing Web channel management over five years across all products (banking, credit card, consumer lending, etc) including strategy, process definition, and development. Channel management efforts included:
    • Web channel design, development and maintenance
    • Channel analytics and performance enhancement
    • Online self service and self service account maintenance (queries, balance transfers, pay-offs, etc) 
    • Content Management System software selection, piloting, implementation, workflow development, training, usage
    • Onsite and off site automated targeted marketing to drive traffic via custom messaging 
    • Customer segmentation and profitability analyses

  • Mid-market Health Insurance Company:
    In conjunction with the customer engagement strategy and roadmap developed the health plan's 3 yrs Web strategy and integrated channel development plan.  Led development of a new e-mail channel.  Led channel management and integration.

  • Consumer Lending Portfolio of Top 5 US Bank:
    Created the 5 year business strategy including development of the Web channel strategy and implementation plan for a joint venture. The venture has gone public and is currently a market leader within its industry.

  • Lease Analytics Company:
    Business plan and operating model development for online loan/lease analysis company (the company was eventually purchased by the above joint venture)

  • Large U.S. Consumer Finance Company:
    To improve market share (acquisition) and share of wallet (cross-sell/up-sell) developed the online marketing strategy and implementation plan for the personal loans business.

  • Consumer Direct Cooperative:
    Multi-year primary market research consortium of F500 companies developing industry forecasts, modeling, and best practices for online shopping and purchasing.

  • Global Multi-line Insurance Company:
    Subject matter expert for the development of the eBusiness vision and roadmap to more effectively utilize the online channel to drive revenues, reduce costs and improve the customer experience across a diverse set of users including consumers, employers, and agent/brokers. Focused on dramatically enhancing its online presence across lines of business while better coordinating efforts across a highly federalized organizational model.
  • Global Farm and Construction Equipment Manufacturer:
    Provided business context and strategy design frameworks and content for the client extranet strategy and implementation linking the 3rd largest farm and construction equipment manufacturer to its dealers. Initial offerings provided financial products and services through the financial and insurance desk of the dealership. Later offerings would provide products and services to the broader business operations of the dealership. Best practices from similar efforts in the auto industry were applied.