Market Entry

Illustrative Projects

  • $25B Consumer Lending Portfolio of Top 5 US Bank:
    Led market assessment and new product development of a service for marketing auto loans and leases in an automated fashion to the Finance & Insurance Office of the auto dealer community supporting indirect sales to consumers.

  • $25B Consumer Lending Portfolio of Top 5 US Bank:
    Led market assessment and product development of an online loan/lease analysis tool for the B2B and B2C auto finance community.

  • Captive Bank of a Major Domestic Automobile Manufacturer:
    Developed the market assessment and product growth strategy for an insurance product sold through intermediaries to end consumers.

  • $3 billion Utility Corporation:
    Developed the business unit strategy for a new business unit being created to cope with dramatic regulatory changes. Objectives were to establish a direction for the group, develop a 5 year business strategy and action plan, determine the appropriate level of investment, and clarify the overlaps and interfaces of the new business with other business groups. Lead the financial analysis effort to quantify costs and benefits over a ten year horizon.

  • De Novo Online Bank:
    Developed the complete business strategy (consisting of a business plan and operating model) for an online bank targeting retail and small business customers using a unique affinity strategy.  The Business Plan was successfully used to approach other Angel and Venture Capital sources for a $5 mil round of funding.

  • Consumer Direct Cooperative:
    Team lead of a large, scale multi-year, consumer market assessment and industry forecasting study around online purchasing behaviors designed to inform the launch of new products and services. Significant primary research included focus groups, interviews, in-home longitudinal testing, and purchase data analysis.

  • Top 3 US Telecom:
    Engaged by marketing to conduct a market assessment and develop a 3-5 year channel strategy providing direction for capability (product/service) development, segment development and targeting including marketing, branding, and communication.

  • Regional Bank Holding Company:
    Co-lead of the team that developed the market assessment and business and marketing strategy and later conducted implementation of a niche retail online bank targeting life stages including branding, new product development, and communication.