Revenue Growth

Illustrative Projects

  • Large U.S. Consumer Finance Company:
    Improved market share (acquisition) and share of wallet (cross-sell/up-sell) through development of integrated marketing strategy and implementation plan for the personal loans business.

  • Diversified Financial Services Company:
    Over multiple years led the team conducting channel management across consumer lending products. Supported product and service lifecycle management including acquisition, cross-sell, customer experience, branding, and marketing communication.

  • Top Ten US Bank Commercial Lending Business:
    Developed revenue improvement strategy, business case, and implementation plan for the sales force and customer service center.

  • National US Trade Organization:
    For a nationally recognized brand, developed the brand strategy for the main revenue generating product line targeting the organization’s business customers. Coordinated the brand strategy with the product development and communication functions.

  • Major Domestic Automobile Manufacturer:
    The extended service contract (warranty) business faced a declining market and declining market share. The consulting team developed a product growth strategy to grow the business leveraging the traditional dealer channel as well as non-traditional channels, and developed an organization structure which supports the growth opportunities targeted by the strategy.  The team analyzed the market environment, identified growth opportunities in both traditional and non-traditional channels, developed acquisition tactics, and quantified the business case supporting the strategy.

  • Top Ten Bank’s $18B Auto Finance Business Unit:
    In the face of shrinking margins in the auto finance business the team helped the bank to determine if the bank should remain in the auto finance business and if so determine the best strategy for the bank in the marketplace.  The team developed a differentiation strategy centered on developing partnerships with selected dealers and selling direct to consumers via the internet but in a manner that complemented the dealer relationships in key geographic areas.

  • Top 3 US Telecom:
    Developed a 3-5 year channel strategy and implementation roadmap, across commercial, wholesale, and residential customer portfolios, providing direction for new capability development across the Customer Life-Cycle including product/services, segment definition, and targeting for acquisition/cross-sell

  • $25B Indirect Lending Portfolio of Top 5 US Bank:
    Created the 5 year business strategy with a focus to retaining indirect lending channel partners and improving cross-selling through them. Also developed the business plan and operating model for the related joint venture designed to enhance market share and provide cross-selling opportunities. The venture is currently a market leader within its industry.

  • Loan & Lease Analytics Company:
    Led business plan, product portfolio and operating model development for an online loan/lease analysis offering. Designed to provide cross-selling and improved selling capabilities to the above joint venture it was eventually acquired by that company.

  • Mid-tier US Auto Finance Company:
    Developed the marketing strategy supporting improved indirect sales through the dealer channel (intermediaries) for consumer lending and other finance products.

  • Captive Bank for a Global Top 5 Auto Manufacturer:
    Developed a product growth strategy for a key high margin financial product.