Illustrative Projects

  • Top Ten US Bank:
    Following a mid-market bank acquisition the project developed a sales force and customer service strategy, opportunity assessment, and consolidated operating model overview for the merged banks’ commercial lending business

  • Global Insurance and Insurance Brokerage Company:
    To rationalize disparate finance activities following multiple acquisitions developed a vision and operating strategy for the highly fragmented finance function. Identified areas where the client could realize significant cost and information benefits by consolidating, automating, and reengineering the finance processes within scope. Assisted in designing the ‘future state’ where these benefits could be realized, and built the business case for these changes by quantifying tangible benefits and attempting to quantify intangible benefits. 

  • Major Domestic Automobile Manufacturer Captive Bank:
    Developed a sales-force organization and compensation strategy to support the integration of two disparate sales teams into one.