Issue Decomposition

To operationalize a customer strategy a company must first understand the capability gaps it has with its customer management program.  Thus HCG helps its clients identify and resolve key issues limiting efficiency and effectiveness of customer interactions.

Improve Revenue
  • Inability to cross-sell / up-sell effectively across the enterprise
  • Marketplace gaps (geography, product, segments, etc)
  • Customer profitability not
    managed actively and/or holistically
  • Lack of innovative and
    differentiated value propositions
  • Products fail to meet customer needs and wants
Reduce Costs
  • Functional silos within the organization with redundant and/or unintegrated systems
  • Legacy technology / poor technology enablement
  • Sub-optimal distribution network
  • Unintegrated or undifferentiated client servicing

Improve Management Decisioning    
  • Inability to compile a single view of the customer
  • Inaccurate and fragmented data
  • Lack of coordination/point of control regarding customer decisions
  • Cultural impediments to data sharing
  • Misaligned metrics
  • Gaps in understanding of risk

Improve Customer Experience
  • Poor / fragmented customer knowledge
  • Customer experience is spotty and not integrated across channels
  • Difficulty of managing relationships via intermediaries